Hello, friends.

One of my coworkers put graduation like this, “It’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you realize, WOW, I have so much free time now!!”

Then a different coworker said with a little bit of snarkiness and fear in her voice, “Yeah, but then you realize you have so much free time.”

It’s finals week, friends and I only have one exam. Just one.

Which means, lots of free time.

I think I’ve spent my time feeling friction. Friction that comes from imagining brakes.

Why am I imagining brakes?

Because soon, I’ll be gone. I won’t be here anymore.

I won’t be laying in Owen’s couch watching my favorite Netflix shows.
I won’t be at LJ’s (either successfully, or unsuccessfully) doing homework.
I won’t be at the Holland State Park, waiting for the sun to set with some good ol’ fashioned Captain Sundae in hand.
I won’t be in VanZoeren, learning from my beloved social work professors.

I won’t be here. And that’s scary.

Free time to think about this is scary, but ya gotta process this stuff at some point, amiright fellow social work majors??

I’m pushing on the brakes and I’m pushing hard, friends.

The statement of, “I don’t want to leave” can be clearly seen from my bumper sticker.

But here’s the thing…I have to.

Ferris Bueller put it fairly – “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you’ll miss it.”

Life is going to movemovemove.

Big events happen, like graduation, and then life keeps going.

It’s like the best roller coaster you’ll ever go on, if you ask me.

So, you can totally push on those brakes Ms. Kirsten, but life is going to keep going on.

This is my encouragement to you, dear friends.

Ride that roller coaster of life and let yourself feel all the feels that come with it.

Push on the brakes in a way that makes sense – slow down time by living in the present moment. Cherish special times with friends by spending time with them. Control what you can, but let the other things just ride out.

And I hope that you enjoy the ride. 🙂


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