Hello, friends.

PSA: Suicide is not selfish.

I repeat, suicide is not selfish.

I was going over a biopsychosocial (social work forms, woo!) with a client and it came to the suicidal risk assessment portion of the paperwork.

Her response to my questions about suicide?

“I would never commit suicide, that is such a selfish thing to do.” She said with disgust in her voice.

I nodded and simply did not respond, but inside I was raging.

How dare she say that suicide is a selfish thing??

Maybe she has never struggled with depression or suicidal thoughts herself, and this is why she responded that way.

Let me tell ya, I have struggled with major depressive disorder and suicide ideation. There are no words for how much it sucks.

But back to my original statement, suicide is not selfish.

Suicide is a last resort. An end to the pain.

Suicide happens when a person sees absolutely no way out of their situation, where their world is so dark they can’t see the light anymore.

Suicide happens when someone is lost, they can’t think clearly, and feel consumed by their dark thoughts and feelings.

Suicide happens when someone feels like their presence is a toxic one and that no one is benefiting from their being alive.

With all of this being said, do not say that suicide is selfish.


Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge something.


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