baby Kirsten

Hello, friends.

Baby Kirsten is the person I fondly remember as high school Kirsten.

Do other people do that? Probably not.

Is it weird? Probably yes.

But anyways. I was just thinking of baby Kirsten and how her dreams were crushed with just one simple letter.

A wait list letter.

See, I was wait listed – wait listed! – for my dream college.

I wish that baby Kirsten could know that it was all going to be alright –
that she would eventually would get accepted. That she would probably struggle through freshman year. That this thing called the Emmaus Scholars Program would be her jam. That she would fall in love with social work and her department of professors. That her favorite job would be working with people she would fondly call her ‘office moms’. That she would fall in love with her college and never want to leave.

Yeah, that last part? That just hit me. I love this place and these people.

But now it’s time to move on and then maybe fondly remember a college Kirsten.

I write this post to remember the good things and the bad. To take the experience and hold it close to my heart. To cherish the time spent as college Kirsten.

My hope for you is that you can appreciate your past self and cherish the time that you still have left in this particular season of life. I hope that you cherish your time.

Thanks for reading.


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