tell me no

Hello, friends.

Thank you for telling me no.

I don’t stand up for myself as often as I should. I get most fired up when I’m standing up for the people I love. But when I stick up for myself, I often just feel rude.

Let’s go back to how important names are.

I have had a professor for almost 3 years now. 3. Years.
I am not sure if she has ever said my name correctly. She typically makes an excuse for it saying that she knows a lot of Kristen’s, Kierstin’s, Christian’s, blah blah blah.
From what I’ve noticed, she has always gotten everyone’s name right except for mine.

Let me tell you, that pisses me off. And I don’t get pissed off all that often.

In our senior field placement class, we had to go around and introduce ourselves and where we were interning at. When it got to me, I did my introduction and saw one of my professors lean down the row to look at me. “Hey, Kristen…” she began.

I immediately fired back, “What’s my name?” In what I thought was a very sassy tone.

Everyone started laughing, my face was probably tomato red, and I quietly apologized. She laughed it off, but I still felt bad about it.

I decided that I would apologize to her after class.

Once lecture was over, I stood up and waited around to talk to her. One girl (and total friend crush), kind of stood in front of me, probably unintentionally, and asked what I was up to after class. I told her that I was going to apologize to the professor and she immediately said, no.

This girl, that I hardly know, told me that she was proud of me for sticking up for myself.
She said something along the lines of, “Kirsten, we have all seen that she never gets your name right in class. If anything, she should be the one apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry for, that’s your name and she should know it by now.”

*Cue biggest sigh of relief and thankfulness*

That short conversation meant so much to me.

This girl kindly told me no and I appreciated it.

I guess I’m sharing this with you all because I want to be that person. That person that speaks the truth and says no, when needed. I hope we can all be that person.

Stick up for yourself. You’re important. Your voice matters. (And your name matters)

Also, just as a side note, people can piss me off, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. I hold that prof near and dear to my heart. Just sayin’.


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