psalm 37:24

Hello, friends.

Question for ya. Why does it say in Psalms that we won’t stumble and fall?


Look at how cute that picture is. “They will never fall.”
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I’ve stumbled and fallen quite a few times.

I asked Feaster sensei about this and this was his (paraphrased) response:

“I don’t think that the Psalmist means that you will never fall, I think the focus is more on this…He will not let you fall and stay down.”

It’s hard not to take the Bible literally all the time, ya know? But I think this is one of those circumstances when we can’t.

We have to know that we will stumble and fall because we are from Adam and Eve.


God, like the good Father He is, will be there through it all. He is there to hold our hand, mend our wounds, and bring us joy in the midst of pain.

Now stay with me here, imagine your heart is like a shower head. They can both sometimes crack and break, getting calcium build up. This is similar to our everyday experiences – heartbreaks and disappointments happen, breaking our hearts in small ways, leaving little fissures. Basically, we fall. Or, people push us down. Or the enemy pushes us down.

Now, we could let our shower head hearts become crusty and cracked, gross with calcium build up. Or, we could say, “God? Ya know, this is what’s up. Can you help me get back on my feet?”

God is the perfect image of what a father should be. Remember that. He gladly picks us up. He is with each of us always and we fill Him with great joy. He wades with us through the muck, helping to direct us to luscious green fields. He is good.

Just imagine that. The Lord of the entire universe is your Father. He is always at your side, always reaching out to grasp your hand as you fall, never absent, always listening.
So, the shower head heart.
Don’t let it get dirty, hardened, gross. Let God heal your wounds.
Don’t let them fester. Tell your Father what’s up and He will give you peace and joy in the midst of it all.
Know that you will never be down forever. Please don’t let your heart get hardened.
You love in a way that only you can, and we need that love here.

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