be present

Hello, friends.

I have recently come to the conclusion with a dear friend over lunch that we focus on the future too much. We already want to be in the future, we want this season or stage in our life to be done so that we can move on to better things. Most of the questions we ask each other put the spotlight on the future.

“What are you doing next semester? What are your plans for the summer? What are you doing after you graduate?”

If we give the future so much of our attention and time, where does that leave the present?

Over lunch my friend and I contemplated on how we could ask each other about the present moments. We agreed that it would be a more intimate conversation, if we asked genuine questions about how someone was feeling or how their day was really going.

Questions like…

What was something joyful that happened today?
How are you feeling right now? Why?
What’s been on your mind lately?

When we asked each other these questions, we had such a fruitful conversation!! It was a beautiful moment, let me tell ya.

I encourage you to ask questions about what is going on in the present moment. Let the future be what it is right now, unknown, and be content with it.


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