Hello, friends.

A dear friend of mine recently wrote about hope. I’m going to quote her because it was just so darn good.

“…The concept itself – choosing to practice grace, patience, and trust in a world that is ever changing. Recognizing the difference, the brokenness, the pain but also remembering to pursue the beauty, light and grace that lies within the unknown.”

I see hope as light at the end of the tunnel, the flashlight in a dark room, the stars in the night sky.

Although there may be darkness surrounding us at night, there are still the bright spots of stars to give us some light.

In the times of darkness, I find that it’s helpful to trust that God plans to use this pain to help others. I might be able to be a flashlight for someone experiencing the darkness, one day.
I have to give myself grace to feel the feelings I’m feeling – they are just feelings after all, you shouldn’t be upset that you’re sad. Just be sad. It’s okay.
The hardest thing is to have patience. To know that healing takes time. It takes time for the sun to rise and for the darkness to lift again. Try your best to be content with the tiny glimmers of stars, for now.

Friends, I hope that you have the courage and strength to pursue that light. Maybe that light is letting yourself enjoy snickerdoodles, or asking a friend for help, or allowing yourself to relax by watching a Netflix episode.

You are important and valuable and you deserve to enjoy life.

I hope that you continue to have hope despite the pain you have been through.



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