Hello, friends.

I’m just feeling sad. Feeling down. I don’t want to keep going today.

But recovery from depression looks like pressing onward.

Going to class even when you don’t want to.
Not crawling back into bed when your brain is telling you to.
Leaning on people even when you know they are imperfect too.
Dressing nicely to try and boost your self-esteem when what you want to wear is sweats and a beanie.
Organizing and cleaning your room even though you want your room to reflect the mess that is your life.
Eating to nourish your body even when it’s saying it doesn’t feel like taking in food.
Appreciating your body for what it is capable of doing rather than wanting to fold it up and throw it away.
Smiling and remaining positive even when you feel nothing is going in the right direction.

Friends, if you don’t feel like pressing onward, find the people that will carry you onward.

People need you and you need people.

Keep going.

We’ll see you tomorrow.


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