it’s okay

Hello, friends.

This is a reminder that it’s okay.

It’s okay to do things for yourself. It’s okay to do things by yourself. It’s okay to go places alone. It’s okay to do things that you simply enjoy doing.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to live for other people. I live to make others feel valued, to take care of others, and to simply love on people. I’ve noticed that I want to be around people for most of my day because without them, I sometimes feel lost. Like I don’t even know what to do with myself when I’m alone.

This is a strange, strange struggle for an introvert.

After a while, I don’t have the energy to be around people. But I still feel like I need them. Do you see the issue here? It’s a lil’ awkward.

I live for others so often that I believe I’ve forgotten to live for myself.

I hope those words hit you as hard as they hit me.
[But maybe they won’t, and that’s okay.]

I want to remind you, and of course, myself, that you need to live a full life. Learn what you enjoy and what makes your heart happy. Do those things. Help others along the way. Imagine your dreams for the future. Think about how you will get there. Imagine the people that will fall in love with you and the people that you’ll fall in love with. Enjoy yourself simply because and don’t feel guilty about it.

I know I needed this reminder and my hope is that you did, too.

If you want to go to a coffee shop that’s 20 minutes away just because, you should go! Just go because you know you’ve wanted to go to that coffee shop for weeks now, and you should go even if you’re going by yourself. Jam out on the car ride there. Sing loudly because no one can hear you and it makes your heart happy to belt it out. Get something that you’ve never tried before. Wait out for that special spot that speaks to you in the coffee shop. Enjoy the day despite the rain. Don’t do your homework right away. Read for fun. Sip your latte slowly. Eat the good part of the muffin first. Write a blog that may be a just a tad bit too personal, but post it anyway.

I hope that you take the time to love on yourself, friend.
I will be taking my own advice on this one, keep me accountable.


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